Since the beginning, the tumultuous relationship between Marisol and Luke has withstood more than it’s fair share of problems. Despite all of the drama, pain, and secrets, the couple has had to endure; there was always one thing that managed to keep them together; Their unwavering love for one another.


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He loved her through thick.

She loved him through thin.

Their chemistry is undeniable.

Connection is unbreakable.

The only thing keeping them a part?

Secrets & truths that neither can easily handle.



For an engaged Whisper Sutton, what should be considered the happiest time in her life quickly changes. There's the successful and charming love of her life along with promises of a bright future.


With feet that are colder than ice about the upcoming nuptials, Whisper finds herself second guessing such an important decision. The heart wants what it wants, but as old and new feelings begin to surface, it leaves her unsure of exactly what that might be.


In this novella series, secrets will be revealed, and emotions will be at an all-time high as Whisper struggles with coming to terms with not only the desires of her heart but her needs as well. Will it be the fairytale she so desperately wants to come true, or will a new journey unfold for her?



A bond between brothers shouldn’t be easily broken, but for Copeland and Tommy, the years have proven otherwise. While Tommy has settled down with a loving wife and built up a successful life for them, Copeland has struggled finding his balance. With them both embarking on the same journey towards fatherhood, they realize it’s time to try mending things as the struggles they face leave them in positions neither expected.


The Valentine Sisters seem to have it all. Beauty, brains, and successful lives. Still reeling from their troubled upbringing, the one thing they’re all missing is loving and healthy relationships with those closest to them. That includes each other. When life forces them together through similar pains, they’re able to see that after the darkness and hurt finally comes light and love.


Young and ambitious party girl, Lavinia, is solely focused on living her life to the fullest while also making sure her bag is secured. A relationship is the last thing on her mind, yet, what should’ve been a fun, string-less, fling quickly turns into something more when she finds herself catching feelings for her lover. Having her emotions involved, Lavinia finds herself inadvertently playing the dreaded game of cat and mouse. When it’s all said and done, the outcome is so unexpected, it forever alters not only the status of her relationship, but her life as well.


For most, the concept of moving on is difficult. Especially when you’re forced to give your all, just for everything you have to be snatched from your grasp. Told through the eyes of an enervated Stefani Pfeiffer, this novella of pain, love, and forgiveness is her story of triumph through it all.


The attraction between Pepper and Vick isn’t instantaneous. He finds himself on her bad side but knows immediately that it won’t be his final destination. He is more than smitten with the guarded beauty and is determined to break down the walls she has set up to protect herself. In the process, she does the same, showing him that there was more to life than anything he could have ever imagined. A connection is formed but with different backgrounds and personalities, it’s not easy for them to find the common ground they so desperately seek. The one thing they can seem to agree on is not wanting to be hurt by the other. Will they be able to put their uncertainties to the side or will fear leave them both broken beyond repair?


While many enjoy the cool weather, time with family, and the joy that comes from the holiday season, Bianca Richards is one of the few who can do without the festivities. Having spent them alone for so long has her convinced that she loves the solitude, but an unexpected twist of fate leaves her with a familiar face that has her questioning all she’d previously felt. With conflicting interests and confusion from the impromptu company, will Bianca see the good in the holidays or will she be reminded of why it’s safer to keep herself guarded?


After her mother’s untimely passing, Juniper Tate left the only home she’d ever known. As the years pass, Juniper realizes the only way to truly move forward with her life is if she returns to the place that still holds so many painful memories. Being welcomed back with open arms makes Juniper think the rash decision is going to be the best she’s made yet. However, her desire to feel wanted and shake the loneliness that’s plagued her for so long results in her making one too many mistakes. When it’s all said and done, she finds herself struggling for redemption and being left to pay the price for all of her wrong doing.


After an unusual first encounter, two complete strangers simply trying to escape their harsh realities by vacationing on a beautiful island find themselves in a situation neither bargained for. As their short time together begins to dwindle, neither can help but wonder if them crossing paths was merely a coincidence or a twist of fate meant to pull them together. In this sizzling novella, Moira and Chance have nothing to lose, but so much to gain. Will they be able to continue on with what started as an innocent fantasy, or will reality be better than their fantasies causing them to want more?


Distance makes the heart grow fonder" is an expression that Marisol and Luke have come to know all too well. With the aspiring, professional athlete back home in Houston playing college basketball, Marisol is still in California. The soft-spoken beauty finds herself struggling to handle the demands of a long distance relationship as well as adjusting to life as a first-year college student. Luke, on the other hand, finds himself struggling to remain a one-woman man, while in the midst of constant temptation. In this trip down memory lane, learn more about the events that ultimately changed the dynamic of the young couple you couldn't help but fall in love with from the "I Love Me Some Him" Series.


The ladies of B. Love Publications have come together for a short story anthology that revolves around those three words that almost every human being wants to hear – I Love You. Some stories will make you laugh, some will make you cry, and others will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Whatever your preference, the ladies of BLP have created a uniquely blended collection of stories that will speak to your heart and mind, entertaining you at the same time.

Please note: This is a 125,000-word collection of short stories from multiple authors. If you are not of fan of short stories, please skip over this collection.