A Little Preview

Updated: Jun 23

Hey, girlie! Ash, here. How are you? Is the quarantine life getting to you yet? It's only day 10 for me and I'm feening for a little sunlight, a drink from Starbucks and some Chick Fil A. BUT, I know the longer I stay inside, the sooner this will all hopefully be over.

Anyway, with all of the extra time I've got on my hands, I've been able to do some more writing. I was working on a series, but in the middle of doing so, inspiration struck. The idea for a cute, little novella came to me and is now my main focus. So, I figured this week, I could share a little bit about it.

What happens when the love of your life breaks your heart? You put all of your energy into your career. And that's exactly what Alyssa did. Five years after losing the man she thought she'd spend the rest of her life with, she's finally seeing the success she's always dreamed of. She's minding her business and collecting her money, so the last thing on her mind is a relationship. But as always, life has other plans.

When Nathan is face to face with the woman he'd foolishly let go of, he knows it's nothing but fate that's reunited them. Unlike before, he sees everything that he had in Alyssa and is ready to fight for her love the way he should've done all of those years ago. The only thing standing in his way is his pride about the lifestyle she currently lives but even that isn't enough to stop a determined man. Knowing Alyssa was the one who got away, Nathan is determined to not make the same mistakes twice.

I hope you're ready for these two because they'll definitely be worth the wait. Until next time, be safe, be productive and be blessed.


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