And Introducing...

Hey y'all and happy Friday! If the title didn't give it away, this week's blog is for some character introductions. Now, last week y'all got to become reacquainted with Juniper (click here if you missed it). This week you'll get the chance to meet some new faces and a familiar one as well because next week is officially showtime.

So, let's start with Monroe. If you read Atonement then you remember that she really seemed to have caught the short end of things. Her man wasn't shit and to add insult to injury, she'd learned that her homegirl wasn't either. While she was able to make an attempt at forgiving Juniper, maintaining their friendship and pretending that everything could return to normal proved to be too much for her. Thus, her deciding it was best she just end the friendship with Juniper without so much as a goodbye.

Over a year has passed and while she's moved on, is in a new relationship, and is even prospering in her career, she still struggles with that one single word. Unbeknownst to her, it's what's holding her back from truly being at peace in her life.

Next, there's Treyton. Monroe's literal knight in shining armor. They both found each other when they were at their lowest. While Monroe has effortlessly been able to work her way into his heart, the same can't be said for him. He tries his best to give her the love she deserves, but with everything she's gone through, he can't help but feel as if it's impossible.

Ever so persistent, he doesn't give up. He's patient, believing that in the end, it will be worth it. But as time begins to pass, and the days and weeks turn into months, he's just not so sure. Treyton knows what needs to be done for Monroe to fully let him in but because it's a journey she has to take and conquer on her own he can't help but wonder if the future he sees for them will ever happen.

And last... But certainly not least... Benjamin. The mysterious, businessman enters Juniper's life when she feels undeserving of the most basic human decency. Things with them happen so fast that she pulls away from him with no explanation, rendering him confused. While he knows that it's an opportunity to make a clean break from what could be a sticky situation he decides not to.

Benjamin makes it his mission for Juniper to see that together they could be something special. Not phased by her past, and enamored with the woman she currently is he's willing to fight for a spot in not only her life but her tattered heart as well.

Phew! This is going to be a wild ride they're about to have us on and I hope you're ready for it. As always have a great rest of the week and talk to you soon.



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