Atonement: An Interview With Juniper

The beginning of atonement is the sense of its necessity. -Lord Byron

Hey, hey, heeeey y'all! As previously mentioned, here's an interview with Juniper. Before we dive in, I wanted to be sure you had a chance to formally meet her. So from today, until July 9th, Atonement: When It All Falls Down is FREE! Be sure to grab your copy and enjoy the interview down below.

As I sat across from the familiar face, I hesitated before speaking. Juniper Tate was texting away on her phone, smiling from the conversation being had. The topic might have been a mystery but I was certain it was completely different than the one we were about to start. The blissful expression on her face was a far cry from when I'd last seen her. There was no despair or hopelessness. There wasn't even guilt. Sensing the urge that I had to know what all had changed in her life, she was placing the device inside of her handbag as she gave me all of her attention.

❤️Ash: It’s been a while.

💜Juniper: It has been.

❤️Ash: How are you... Now?

💜Juniper: I’m good. I can’t complain. (Her smile spread, as she took a hand to flip her hair behind her shoulders)

❤️Ash: That’s great! What changed?

💜Juniper: Myself. I had to change my focus. My mind frame. I’ve been focused on my career and...(She hesitates before continuing. For the first time, Juniper allows the grin to disappear from her face as she struggles on properly expressing herself.) Not meaningless sex.

❤️Ash: What’s that mean, exactly?

💜Juniper: It means that... (More hesitation.)I’m finding happiness inside myself. As corny as it sounds.

❤️Ash: That is not corny at all. A lot of people that have already met you have a love/ hate relationship. Why do you think that is?

💜Juniper: Love? Must have been the grind. (She laughs, slowly trailing a hand up and down the length of her arm.) It’s easy to say why they hated me, though. I was reckless and created so many crazy situations for myself that I didn't even have to be in. Of course, I didn’t look at it like that then but things could’ve ended so much more differently. I didn’t care who got hurt in the process just as long as I was happy. And I really wasn’t. I was miserable.

❤️Ash: Thinking about some of the things you were doing, it was obvious that you were looking for something. And you found that and then some but didn't realize it.

💜Juniper: That really fucks me up. I'm telling myself not to get too close or attached to anyone but I did. I had an amazing man and an even greater friend but I had all this turmoil going on inside me that I was either lashing out or felt the need to distance myself as if they would hurt me.

❤️Ash: And you ended up hurting them.

💜Juniper: Yeah. I hurt this man that loved me just how I was and I betrayed the only friend that I've had. Thus, the karma, the atonement, and me not having a damn thing to show for any of it.

❤️Ash: I wouldn’t say all that. You lost some people along the way but you're still on what sounds like a good journey to finding yourself. People were and still root for you. Even with everything that happened. You had a great loss that you never healed from but you're doing that now.

💜Juniper: I am. And I'm definitely not going to make those kinds of mistakes again. Ever.

❤️Ash: Ooh? Does that mean you're ready to settle down?

💜Juniper: (Her face reddened as she tucked her bottom lip between her teeth. The entire interview, even talking about the lows of her life, she'd maintained an upbeat mood. I was curious about what was responsible for the change. Or, who, but she quickly took it upon herself to wrap up the interview before I was able to do any prying.) It means stay tuned.

I hope you enjoyed! As always, have a great day and stay safe.



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