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Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Hey there, beautiful! Ash here. How's life been since all of these changes from the Corona Virus? If you're currently working from home, I hope that you're able to enjoy the extra time with your family. If you're still going into work like I am, hopefully, they don't have you doing too much. Either way, I know that you've found some amazing new reads to help pass the time and I've got something for you to add to your list :).

Until 3/21 my very first series is FREE. That's right! You can read the ENTIRE I Love Me Some Him series and meet the characters that helped make me a published author. It's going on 4 years since they've made their debut and they're still one of my absolute favorite couples.

There's Marisol. The heroine, who'd been hurt more times than she could remember but was always able to push through whatever life threw at her. Then, there was Luke. Now, sometimes he just didn't get it. And by no means was he perfect, but he loved hard and never stopped. Their relationship had problems... Many, many problems but they could never stay away from one another.

By no means do I want to spoil anything for you & while this interview doesn't go into much detail it does reveal a bit about their ending. If you haven't already read their story, just click here for your copy. If you have already met them or just don't mind meeting them beforehand, keep on reading because down below, I was able to do a little interview with them and you don't want to miss out!

Ash Ley- No matter how much time passes, you both hold a special place in my heart. Y’all’s love story was the first that I shared with the world and it definitely changed my life. Luke- Shit, it changed ours too. [Marisol smiles, shaking her head at him. ] Ash Ley- Y’all definitely had a long way to go. Would you change anything? Marisol- I wouldn’t have cried so much. [She giggled.] I had a lot to learn about myself and life and as crazy as everything was, I know that it happened for a reason. So no, I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m right where I’m supposed to be and I’m the version of myself that I’m supposed to be. Luke- That was beautiful, Mari. Marisol- Thank you, baby.

[Marisol blushes, taking a look at him while waiting to hear his answer. Feeling her eyes on him, Luke can't help but smile.] Luke- I wouldn’t change anything but if there was a way to do it without having hurt her so much in the process, I’d have to consider it. Ash Ley-Just consider? Luke- It’s like she said. All that shit helped shape us. It was fucked up, and I regret hurting her so damn much but neither of us would be who we are had it not happened. And I know people look at her crazy or think she’s weak or whatever the case might be but she bounced back from pain better than anybody I know. Where we are now, I wouldn’t do any of the shit I did before because I know that the outcome would be different. Marisol- That’s right. [She smirks with a nod of her head.] Ash Ley- Now, I can tell people all day why they should read your story. What would you tell them before they get to meet y’all? Marisol- To keep an open mind. Our story is complicated but it’s ours. There’s hurt and pain but there was also so much love. Ash Ley- It was definitely complicated. Do you think people will understand a situation like y’all’s? A second chance romance? Luke- Only if they take the full journey with us will they understand. Otherwise, they’ll think we’re crazy as hell. Marisol- They’ll think so anyway. [Shifts around uncomfortably.] I can’t speak for anybody else who’s been in my position and that second chance love topic isn’t one that I’d die on. I wouldn’t suggest healing your heart in the same place it was shattered, broken or whatever the case might be. Not by the same person who did the damage but it was different for us. There was this amazing person that he showed me he'd become and that was the person who loved me in the way I needed. So, I was able to forgive him. For everything. Even with all that, I had to do the same. Become this amazing person who could properly love the man he became. Not the boy he was. and that broke my heart. In doing that I learned I never stopped loving him. If anything I loved him more because of him being the man I needed and deserved. Luke- The short version... [He chuckles.] Not everybody deserves a second chance unless they’re willing to fight and make the needed changes in themselves. I had to figure out my shit just so I could love her properly. Just so that I wasn’t doing that same hot-headed shit. Ash Ley- This all comes full circle. Because y’all both had so much to learn about love and just respect. But y’all figured it out. And everyone that’s already met y’all can’t get enough. Do y’all ever think there’s more to the story or is it complete? Marisol- Oh no. Our story is complete [She laughs, placing a hand over her round baby bump.] Luke- That doesn’t mean you won’t hear from us again.

I hope that you've enjoyed this! As always, thanks for reading and talk to you soon, lovelies.


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